Berwick’s history in 4 lectures

Berwick Educational Association is presenting a series of 4 online lectures on “Aspects of Berwick’s History through its Archives”, given by Linda Bankier on Tuesday mornings at 10.00am between 8 June and 29 June 2021.  The lectures will be delivered via Zoom.

Week 1: An introduction to Berwick’s history through its archives. This talk will explore Berwick’s unique history using the archives to tell its story from the late 15th to 21st century .

Week 2: Crime and Punishment in Berwick Archives. The town has a wonderful series of records relating to crime and punishment in the past. This talk will explore the judicial system, some of the cases which came to court as well as how law and order was administered via the police and the prison.

Week 3: Berwick’s Guild of Freemen and the Administration of the town prior to 1835. Berwick’s Guild of Freemen was established in the medieval period and is still in existence today. Their records are kept at the Berwick Archives. This talk will explore the role of the Guild, how it was run and how it administered the town prior to the 1835 Municipal Corporations Act.

Week 4: Public Health and Housing in Berwick. Starting with the 16th century but mainly concentrating on the 19th and early 20th centuries, this talk will explore how the town dealt with public health, sanitation and housing and the challenges this raised.

Tickets for the series cost £12 and can be booked here on the Eventbrite website.

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