Ship building at Berwick

The history of shipbuilding in Berwick, from the mid-eighteenth century until its eventual demise in 1979, is described in great detail on the Berwick Shipyard website  (principal developer William Swan, with extensive contributions by Graham Toward).  The site describes its aims and scope as folllows: 


“When Berwick Shipyard closed its gates for the last time in 1979 it marked the end of a chapter in the town’s industrial history. The purpose of the Berwick Shipyard website is to keep the memory of shipbuilding at Berwick alive and to celebrate the achievements of the yard and those who worked there. Within these pages you can trace the historical development of an industry that was first established at Berwick in 1751 and continued up until 1878 before it’s revival in 1950.  You can find out about early yards on the Tweed and their output over the years including the role that Berwick shipyard would play during the 19th century in the development of what today is Britain’s biggest ship-owning company.”  


Berwick Shipyard website is extensively illustrated, and as well as the histories of the principal companies which worked in Berwick, it includes detailed lists of the ships which have been built in the town, and many of their stories.  


Engineering shop at Berwick Shipyard

The engineering shop at Berwick Shipyard, taken in the mid-twentieth century. © Berwick Record Office, BRO 1944-1-253-3.


Banner images:  (a) Berwick Shipyard workers look on from trellis scaffolding as the boat alongside the Island Waters is launched in September 1962.    © Berwick Record Office, BRO 1944-1-3536-33;  (b) The engineering shop at Berwick Shipyard. © Berwick Record Office, BRO 1944-1-253-3.