Salmon fishing in Berwick-upon-Tweed


Salmon Netting below Paxton House

Salmon net fishing on the River Tweed below Paxton House, 2006. Photo: © Les Hull and licensed under Creative Commons Licence.

Salmon net fishing on the River Tweed can be traced back to the 12th century.  Up to the 1980s net salmon fishing employed hundreds of men annually on a seasonal basis.  Since then netting salmon on the River Tweed has contracted substantially, with only two fishing stations remaining in order to conserve salmon stocks.


The River Tweed website provides a lot of information about salmon fishing on the river today.


The following two (archived) leaflets from the Tweed Foundation outline the history of salmon fishing by netting and by rod:


Netting on the Tweed


Salmon angling on the Tweed




Salmon of great size

Pictured, in 1956, are sisters Grace and Annie Meston, employees at the former premises of Ralph Holmes & Sons in Bridge Street, Berwick. The salmon was caught at the North Bells Fishery, and weighed in at 38¼ pounds © Berwick Record Office, BRO 1944-1-1341-3



Banner image:  (a) see main picture above;  (b) An early twentieth century image of salmon fishing on the River Tweed  © Berwick Record Office.