The Corn Exchange
Corn Exchange 1858

This engraving of the recently opened Corn Exchange appeared in the Berwick Advertiser on 4 December 1858 (Berwick Record Office).

As soon as the Corn Exchange opened in 1858, it became a hub of Berwick life, beyond its role in business and finance. It was used for auctions, balls, entertainments, and many aspects of social life. It was also a venue for political and religious meetings, including many in connection with things such as the franchise, the temperance movement, licensing acts and fishing rights.  It ceased to function as a trading exchange by the early 1960s. It was then transformed to become the town’s swimming pool until 1998, and after that it was redeveloped to became a set of residential apartments.


Its history has been well represented in reports and advertisements in the local newspapers. Lars Rose has created a chronological transcript of items in the Berwick Advertiser in which the Corn Exchange is featured.  They record the events which took place there, often with detailed descriptions of proceedings, as well as listing the names of many individuals, both native to Berwick and visitors, who have been involved in its history. He has also written a narrative account of the Corn Exchange during the first 40 years of its existence:  click this link to download it as a PDF document:


“A Kaleidoscope of Victorian Life:
The Berwick-upon-Tweed Corn Exchange 1856-1895”
by Lars Rose


The links below will load the transcripts from the Berwick Advertiser for the period 1856-1896. 


Corn Exchange 1856-1858


Corn Exchange 1859-1862


Corn Exchange 1863-1866


Corn Exchange Interior

The Corn Exchange in session, around 1920.  Photo: Berwick Record Office.

Corn Exchange 1867-1870


Corn Exchange 1871-1873


Corn Exchange 1874


Corn Exchange 1875-1877


Corn Exchange 1878-1879


Corn Exchange 1880-1882


Corn Exchange 1883-1884


Corn Exchange 1885-1886


Corn Exchange 1887-1888


Corn Exchange 1889


Corn Exchange 1890


Corn Exchange 1891-1892


Corn Exchange 1893


Corn Exchange 1894-1895


Corn Exchange 1896




Corn Exchange, BRO 2103-4-2-16

The interior of the Corn Exchange during its redevelopment as a swimming pool, mid-1960s. Photo: Berwick Record Office, BRO 2103-4-2-16