Autumn Lecture

This year’s FBDMA Autumn Lecture will consist of a screening of a short film and a talk by Jim Gibson on “Kelt Fishcakes, Mankins, and Sods: Salmon Fishing on the River Tweed”  It will take place on Friday 3 November 2023 at 7.00pm in the Parish Centre, (Parade, Berwick).  The film has been produced by Martha Andrews and Jim Gibson, with the support of the Tweed Foundation, and this will be its first screening.

Admission free, all welcome.  Light refreshments will be available.

Netfishing poster

“The film is called ‘Kelt Fishcakes and Gilse: netfishing on the Tweed’ and it examines the long tradition of salmon netting on the river which dates back over a millennium.  Once the mainstay of many village economies, and an export that added to Berwick’s prosperity, this ancient part of the local heritage is struggling to survive.

“The story of the industry is told through the words of some of the netsmen, preserving a snippet of river culture before it disappears for ever. Old images and footage are used to illustrate their memories of the fisheries and catches that are no more.

“It offers a chance to remember the working Shiels and landings, once a hive of activity, that are now derelict and overgrown, or part of the leisure industry as holiday homes or beets for the rods. The one surviving Fishery at Gardo is featured, keeping alive the traditions and skills.

“The film, which was funded by the Tweed Foundation, was created by Martha Andrews and Jim Gibson, and after the screening of the film Jim will give a short talk about the netfishing.”

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