410 years ago

The construction of the Old Bridge in Berwick started on 19th June 1611, the first stone bridge to be built across the Tweed here.  410 years later, the most recent phase of repair and refurbishment is nearly complete, and after several months of closure the bridge re-opens to pedestrians and traffic on Tuesday 22nd June 2021.  Damaged masonry on the parapets has been replaced, the road has been resurfaced, pavements have been widened, and new lighting has been installed.

For more on the history of Berwick Bridge, see this Northumberland archives blog.

Berwick Bridge 2021

Berwick’s Archivist and volunteers, accompanied by Cllr Catherine Seymour and Ross Straughan from Northumberland County Council, mark the 410th anniversary of the bridge’s construction with a display of records from the original account books for the project (Berwick Record Office).


Berwick Bridge 2021

The recent work on the bridge has included replacement of damaged masonry, wider pavements, and a new road surface.

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